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Corporate Events

Customer Service is key in our business, and Viking Travel is renowned for "going the extra mile" for our clients.

Our relationships with suppliers, our ability to manage group travel on a worldwide scale, and our dedication to client satisfaction ensures that your business will be treated with the utmost care and attention to detail.

The Case Studies presented here provide a "snapshot" of client experiences and how Viking Travel helped these companies grow into long-term satisfied customers.

Viking produces memorable events that meet your goals

We Have Negotiating Power: When an event for over 400 people had to be rescheduled due to an hotel error, Viking Travel was able to negotiate a full credit for the event - resulting in a cost savings of over $100,000.

We Make Safety and Security Top Priority: During a local emergency overseas, Viking Travel was able to locate all travelers and contact their families and corporate travel managers to assure them of their passengers safety. In addition, we were able to secure alternative hotel accommodations and keep the trip's itinerary moving smoothly.

We Are Available 24x7x365: Because we are a full service travel agency and event planning company, we have complete access to all our customers' travel data at all times. You are never 'on your own' when working with Viking Travel!